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Change your capital gains allowance from joint accounts. If you are not a New Zealand tax resident, you will need to file an IR3NR instead. Here`s how to correct an error on your individual tax return. We will send you a valuation notice to confirm receipt and processing of your refund or tax. If you have noticed that you have made any mistakes in your return, please let us know as soon as possible. I have been asked to fill out an individual tax return, you have to tell us if you have a new type of income or if you have stopped receiving an existing type. You must send us your return before July 7, unless you have a tax advisor or an extension of the deadline. If you don`t think you need to fill out an IR3, contact us to discuss your situation. We`ll let you know when it`s time to complete your personal income tax return for this year. We will either send you an email notification that your return can be made in myIR or a paper return by mail.

You will need to file an individual income tax return at the end of the taxation year if you received more than $200 (before taxes) in income of which we were notified, even if it was only for part of the taxation year. Usually, this includes the income of: The easiest way to do this is via myIR, but you can also call us. If you need to file an individual tax return, you can do so in myIR. .

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